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The University of California System Maintains the Largest Pool of Academic Biomedical Researchers in the Nation

C O M B I N I N G  D R U G  D I S C O V E R Y 

E F F O R T S 

The UC DDC is motivated to leverage the drug discovery and drug development capacity of thousands of researchers throughout the UC system.  When partnering with the UC DDC, industry sponsors gain access to a breadth of research opportunities by way of a single point of entry.

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The UC system has an established pipeline of developing drugs, ranging from the early stages of discovery to later stages of drug development and clinical trials.  This progress has largely been supported by industry partnerships.   

P A T E N T S  &  L I C E N S I N G

According to a recent study*, the University of California system filed 18,636 Invention Discloser Forms (IDFs) between 2008-2018.


Similarly, the University of California has partnered with industry to issue 2,448 licensing agreements between 2008-2018.

A snapshot of the UC system's rankings compared with other leading universities in terms of number of published patents and number of startups launched can be seen below. 

uc researchers group.png

Partner with UC researchers to develop novel drugs from the bench to the market

Number of Published Patents by University (2008-2018)

Number of Startups Launched by University (2008-2018)

No published patents.png
No new startups.png

*Source (and for above graphs): UC Office of the President and (2020) for other U.S. university statistics

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Become a Member

B E C O M E  A N  I N D U S T R Y  M E M B E R 

A principal goal of the UC DDC is to facilitate partnerships between industry sponsors and researchers across the UC system.  Joining the UC DDC as an industry sponsor means that you can take part in building early-stage drug discovery efforts into meaningful, marketable products.

M E M B E R  B E N E F I T S

Our industry sponsors enjoy a number of benefits by joining the UC DDC, including: 

1) Wide access to early-stage research from thousands of UC medical researchers throughout the UC system

2) A single point of access to an impressive breadth of drug discovery projects

  • Single point of entry to the UC system and its full array of resources to further collaborations with thousands of UC medical researchers

  • Hassle-free sponsored research with pre-negotiated agreements and terms in place to expedite industry partnerships; no need to engage with university tech. transfer offices

3) Hands-on opportunities for project involvement and collaboration 


  • Direct interaction with consortium researcher pools

  • Rights to use data and reports for internal research and evaluation

  • Project management support and drug development expertise for funded projects, ensuring the highest probability of success

  • Invitation to participate in discussions and provide input on research projects

4) Licensing opportunities for co-developed projects 

  • First right to negotiate non-exclusive or exclusive licenses of IP generated from partner-sponsored projects

  • Invitation to attend semi-annual review meetings/retreats to discuss unpublished and confidential results

  • Ability to review DDC-funded work at agreed upon frequency


Would you like to learn more about becoming a partner of the UC DDC?

View our slide deck for a more detailed

description of partnering with the UC DDC



We offer various membership structures based on partner company size and type.  We currently highly pursue partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and investors looking to collaborate and promote early-stage drug discovery projects to later stages of development.  Please contact us for more information. 


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