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C U S T O M I Z E D  R E Q U E S T  F O R 


As an industry sponsor of the UC DDC, you will receive access to groundbreaking research in your therapeutic area(s) of interest by a specialized Request for Proposal (RFP) on your company's behalf.  The RFP will launch at all six participating medical school campuses in the form of our Annual Seed Grant award.  The UC DDC may provide expert reviewers at the request of our sponsors.  

More details about this process include:

  • Grant applications will emphasize quality of research, IP potential, and unmet market need and will be selected based on targeted therapeutic areas of interest.

  • The annual award process is rapid and averages 4.5 months from LOI submission to award.

  • The UC DDC has disbursed $1.1M in funding to UC researchers in the last three years.

  • Since launch of the UC DDC, 225 unique proposals from distinguished faculty have been submitted to the consortium. Twenty-two outstanding projects have been selected for funding.

Application Instructions
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