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A P P L I C A T I O N  


1) Email your campus DDC site lead to request the industrial sponsor’s list of areas of interest.

2) Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) form by August 31st, 2023.  Reach out to your campus site lead to get LOI access code. .

If invited to submit a full application:


Prepare your application, which must include the following items:

A) Project title

B) Names, titles, institutions, telephone numbers and email addresses of PIs and Co-PIs

C) Area of Focus, Stage, Technology

D) Proposal narrative (see character limits in LOI form). The narrative headings are listed below. Each area must be addressed.

i) Significance. Describe the scope and nature of the problem you are trying to solve. Clearly state the unmet need being addressed by the technology and provide evidence to support the need from multiple stakeholder perspectives (e.g., scientist, patient, clinician and payer).

ii) Innovation and Impact. Describe the innovation of your proposed solution and the impact it could have.

iii) Aims and Work Plan. Describe the proposed project and its aims, target completion date(s) and deliverables.

Iv) Future Perspective for project

v) Report IP status. List any relevant background IP, including regular and provisional patent applications, and describe its ownership and whether the technology is available for licensing

vi) Budget. Describe approximate budget for the project. Budget restrictions are listed below. Define the funding requirements for the proposed project beyond this seed award and any plans for further funding.

E) Check appropriate Research Topics boxes.


Please submit your LOI online.


Contact your Site Leader if you have any questions.

R E V I E W  C R I T E R I A

review criteria.png

B U D G E T  J U S T I F I C A T I O N

budget justification.png


Additional Information: Successful applicant co-PIs must provide their field of specialization, IBC, IRB, and/or IACUC protocol numbers, if applicable, before funds are released. A final report must be provided to UC DDC within six months following termination of the grant.

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