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University of California
Drug Discovery Consortium
4th Annual Symposium

Sept 13, 2021
UC Irvine

0:00 Session I - Chair: Maurizio Pellecchia

0:25 Robert Spitale (Irvine) Greeting

7:41 Jordan Kovacev (DDC, Los Angeles) Introduction to the DDC

20:15 Grant MacGregor (Irvine) Transgenic Mouse Facility

36:38 (San Diego) DMPK Resource

54:05 Gerhard Bauer (Davis) GMP Facility

1:12:07 Mike Luther (Astellas) Innovation and Astellas – Areas of Focus for Future Partnering

1:24:54 Session II - Chair: Jason Gestwicki

1:25:33 Jeff Neitz (San Francisco) Med Chem Service

1:42:46 Robert Damoiseaux (DDC, Los Angeles) UC Core and the MSSR

1:58:19 Julia Schaletzky (DDC, Berkeley) Drug Discovery Center

2:19:00 Brian Paegel (Irvine) Activity-Based and Cellular DNA-Encoded Library Technology: Democratizing Drug Discovery and Defeating Druggability

2:34:02 Session III - Chair: Michael Gilson

2:34:19 Jiayu Liao (Riverside) Developing Quantitative FRET Assays to Identify and Target Essential Host SUMOylation Pathway of the Influenza Virus Life Cycle

2:57:42 Alan Saltiel (San Diego) Discovery of TBK1/IKKepsilon Inhibitors for Cardio-Metabolic Diseases

3:25:37 Matt Jacobson (San Francisco) Designing Cell-Permeable Macrocycles to Inhibit Protein-Protein Interactions

3:42:01 Tomoyuki Bando (Ono) Open Innovation Activities at Ono Pharmaceuticals

3:55:01 Session IV - Chair: Michael Rogawski

3:57:01 David E. Olson (Davis) Psychedelics and Related Plasticity-Promoting Neurotherapeutics

4:26:47 Keynote – Barbara Slusher* (Johns Hopkins, Director, Drug Discovery Program) Combining Forces: Drug Discovery Partnerships in Action


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